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Studio Space, 86 Princess Street MAnchester

History in
the making

about 86 princess street

The historic façade of 86 Princess Street has been fully restored as part of the recent refurbishment.

Originally a textile warehouse with offices dotted throughout its expansive depths, the building has been transformed into an exciting 21st-century workspace. Through this, it looks forward to the future and celebrates its past, with many original architectural details lovingly preserved and restored.

Throughout its existence, many businesses have put down roots in 86 Princess Street. Until recently, it even housed a modern-day textile company. Now, it’s had a facelift of a lifetime to prepare it for the demands of Manchester’s creative sector.

For the modern-day craftsperson, the revamped 86 Princess Street is a haven for creativity and growth. Retaining all the glorious original features, enhancing it with the latest technology and combining the two seamlessly for an innovative, atmospheric workspace.

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86 Princess Street has been designed & renovated with the creative in mind.

Every detail adds to the environment, from inventions to inspire, and all the tools and amenities necessary for a healthy work/life balance.

Brimming with benefits and planned to provide an efficient workspace, it's a living ecosystem, designed to help grow and support businesses as they thrive. From cosy, high-tech communal spaces, to its own coffee shop with comfy booths, and energy efficient installations throughout, every detail has been considered.

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Location. manchester’s creative corner

86 Princess Street is in the heart of Manchester city centre, close to the Knowledge Corridor and just a short walk from both Piccadilly and Oxford Road Stations.

It’s the newest neighbour to a cluster of businesses across the creative industries. The area is bookended by Central Library and Manchester’s universities, with significant changes happening all around it. In recent years a growing melting pot has emerged with new living and working spaces, bars, shops and eateries opening on every corner. This transformation is making the area around 86 Princess Street a new and exciting destination.



Manchester Oxford Road

5 min walk

0.2 miles

Manchester Piccadilly

7 min walk

0.3 miles

Manchester Victoria

20 min walk

1.0 mile

University Quarter

10 min walk

0.5 miles

Northern Quarter

14 min walk

0.7 miles

Manchester Airport

20 min drive

8.2 miles

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Neighbours. join Manchester's finest

World-renowned colleges and universities, iconic public buildings, sparkling new media businesses, and global powerhouses.

The Knowledge Corridor is home to a veritable mix of creative companies and institutions.

Then there’s the impressive, growing list of up-and-coming media, marketing, and design studios. Architects, gaming and software businesses run side-by-side, giving you an assortment of innovative movers and shakers.

Indicative Image of our public space

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A place to call your own

Downstairs you’ll find two dedicated studios for events and classes, and the roomy reception, ideal for gatherings.

A place to work, socialise and enjoy life, 86 Princess Street offers something for every mood, any working style, so you can get the most from your day.

Floor plans

Each of our floors are slightly different in configuration. Please contact us to view the space for yourself.

Typical Floor plan - 86 Princess Street, Manchester
Ground Floor plan - 86 Princess Street, Manchester
Event Floor plan - 86 Princess Street, Manchester
Roof Floor plan - 86 Princess Street, Manchester



Square Foot

Event Space /Amenity Hub

All Welcome

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor Thumbs Up availability, 86 Princess Street Manchester Available


Third Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

Fourth Floor Thumbs Up availability, 86 Princess Street Manchester Available


Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor

Fourth Floor Thumbs Up availability, 86 Princess Street Manchester Available


Sixth Floor


All Welcome

2,131 (Social Space)

Property Brochure

Although we prefer to save paper, our printed brochure is somewhat special, so please email us if you’d like to receive one. PS: We’ll be planting a tree in Manchester for every 100 brochures that are printed.

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  • Welcoming, multifunctional entranceway perfect for events
  • Great coffee on tap from the ground floor coffee house
  • Sleek bleacher seating, communal booths dotted throughout, and roof terrace provide a choice of places to set up camp


  • Bike friendly with a double access point Bike Hub, full showers, drying area, and WCs. You’re also welcome to take your bike up with you to your office
  • Two brand new, fit-for-purpose lifts
  • Expansive, uninterrupted views from the communal roof terrace
  • Telcom Connect and Fibre throughout the building for superfast connections

Exposed ceilings and original coving and brickwork add to its historic ambiance

Original refurbished timber sash windows that can be thrown open to let in the air

Original sweeping sanded and sealed wooden floorboards

Completely remodelled WCs + Central heating across the building

Technical Specs

    2 x 13 person lifts serve the building, from the lower ground floor to the roof
    Airy, open spaces with a floor to ceiling height well above the average at 3.6m
    Brand new energy efficient gas-fired boilers and radiators heat the building throughout
    5 x unisex and one disabled WC are positioned on every floor
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Space you can call your own and make your own.

The original Loading Bay has been transformed into an imposing reception space with new bleacher seating.

This forms an amphitheatre that can be used for events or a casual place to work. Repurposed lift shafts create individual communal spaces on each floor for breakouts or quiet contemplation. Then there’s the roof terrace and bee yard which amps up green tranquillity to the max, giving every occupant a space to relax, and adding to the building’s sustainability.